Friday, August 25, 2006

[Blog Entry] Links Part II

Links Part II

Now doing this would have been possible offline... (and I'm sure everyone, by now, has posted the it's-no-longer-a-planet link.

First off, following the recall of Dell Laptops, so does Applie and its iBook and Powerbook line. Looks like Sony screwed over a lot of people.

For more Apple bashing, ever wondered what happened to the Creative sues Apple, Apple countersues Creative? Well, it seems Creative won a minor victory in an out of court settlement, but it's a victory nonetheless no matter how tiny the plunder.

And for Google fans, check out Google Spreadsheets and Gmail's Mp3 Player. What's next? Google Word? Or Good Photoshop?

Another example that the latest inventions don't need to be hi-tech, check out this Visa Money Clip. Now if only I actually had a credit card account...

This is no rocketeer, but it'll still get you to fly without needing someone else other than yourself piloting it.

Remember my recent cars-of-the-future link last week? Well, here's the garage that goes with it.

Here's something for those that don't suffer from insomia: a snore stopper.

This'll interest some of my friends: it's not only an mp3 player, it also lets you play Sudoku.

Users on the go will probably appreciate the fact that the wireless fabric keyboard is finally out on the market.

For the latest geek fashion news, check out this, uh, LED Jacket.

Oh, and if you're afraid of getting robbed wearing one of those LED jackets, be sure to bring along the ultimate Swiss knife.


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