Tuesday, August 22, 2006

[Blog Entry] Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Me: You should save your sick leaves until you're actually sick. Such as when you get struck by Dengue, or are you already immune to that since you got one before?

Friend: What? I got Dengue before?

Me: Yes, remember? I even visited you at the hospital and brought you a starter deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. The expansion was Tempest. In Cardinal Santos.

Friend: Really?

Me: ... (Uh, was the fever that bad that you forgot? I honestly don't think being confined to a hospital for several weeks and missing class is something you forget... especially since Dengue [a.k.a. Hepatitis] has a relatively high fatality rate here in the Philippines.)

Friend: I remember now. Yes, Dengue. I remember.

Me: -breathes a sigh of relief-


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