Saturday, August 19, 2006

[Blog Entry] Link Time

Link Time

Again, it's that time when I suddenly start posting links which nobody visits anyway.

First up is the "Hostile Intent Detector" (alternate link) which I've been telling people in real life but no one would believe. In light of today's terrorist attacks, Israel's installing this in their airports. So far there's a small chance of error (under 10%), but if this gets installed in American airports, whatever happened to the American belief of setting 9 guilty men free instead of imprisoning one innocent man?

A few years back, I was meeting a friend at a mall and expecting him to call me where to meet up with him. Unfortunately, the mobile phone battery died. Ever since then, I've been trying to sell the idea of mobile phone chargers in public places. For a brief period, there was an attempt to do so but it never caught on, thus fading into existence. Well, the idea has caught on in Europe with chargebox, which not only charges your phone, but your PDA, mp3 players, and portable games as well.

Last year, there have been these D&D ads attacking the MMORPGs. I don't have a scanned picture with me right now (but the photo is priceless if you get to see it), but the latest tagline is "At least you'll know when the hot elf chick is a dude."

Oh, and while wireless seems to be the current wave of the future, it's a shame when your old, antiquated devices don't have the capability. Eye.Fi seems to have the right idea since instead of selling digital cameras with wifi capability, it sells memory cards which give your existing digital cameras access to wifi. And the 1 GB memory ain't shabby.

The ultimate tribute to rock stars at a concert, of course, would be waving your lighter when it's pitch black. This is simply, uh, ridiculous?

And just to show that not all the niftiest ideas need to be complex, check out this keyboard oraganizer.

For the ultimate couch potato, check out this baby. Plays everything from your living room. And that 1 TB hard drive would make any videophile drool (at least for this year).

Of course if I were you, in order to maximize that 1 TB HD, I'd subscribe to FiOs which offers 15 mbps for $49.95. There's an even faster speed, 30 mbps, but the price range seems to vary significantly depending on your area ($199.95 vs $54.95). Of course with a maximum of 2 mbps upstream, you'll wonder what site you can visit that'll actually let you download stuff at 15 mbps.

Meanwhile, while you're expecting nanotechnology to be benefiting the science of medicine, it's being put to a more practical application in the military with this fluidic armor.

Oh, and cars of the future will have their engines on the wheels.

And as much as I relish the thought of an anti-smoking vaccine, the trick will be convincing your smokaholic writer friends to actually partake of the drug. Unless you secretly slip it into their beer.

And if you want to get away from all of this, try visiting a freezone.


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