Friday, August 18, 2006

[Blog Entry] Fear of Warcraft, Bridge Bookstore, Training

Fear of Warcraft

Right now, I honestly fear playing any video games. Because if I do, I expect I'll regress of my old self, and that's not what I need to be doing now. Read! Write!

Bridge Bookstore

So despite the fact that Virra Mall has been up and running for quite some time now and it's relatively close enough for me to walk from home (i.e. a 15-minute dash), I haven't really been to the place. Until now.

Perhaps one of the most refreshing things upon setting foot there once again is that there are no DVD vendors to harass you. And strangely enough, it retains a semblance of its old layout that exploring Virra Mall is exciting. The only thing disconcerting is it's SM feel (the sight of SM Appliance Store!).

Some of you who've visited the place should know by now that A Different Bookstore has a branch there. The Cubao branch has been closed down a few months ago, partly due to the finances, and partly due to the fact that it's been breaken into more than once. And so the staff (and a single couch) has been relocated to Virra Mall on the 2nd floor. Guess that's one more reason to visit the Greenhills area (now if only Booktopia would relocate...).

However, that's not the most surprising thing. On the ground floor, when I dropped by there today, was a new bookstore being set up, albeit it's one with an old name. Goodwill Bookstore putting on a new persona with Bridge Bookstore. So far, it wasn't open as its staff were still putting books on the shelves. Hopefully, by the next time I visit, it was well worth the trip and the wait.


Anyone know where I can buy wrist and ankle weights? I don't really have the time to work out, and so it seems the most efficient way for me to develop my muscles (because I've been developing my cardio for the past eight years, partly due to my respiratory problems) seems to be lugging around weights ala Dragonball style. I already have the turtle shell, just need the wrist and ankle weights.

On a side note, climbing sixteen flights of stairs at least once a week has finally paid off. I can sprint eight floors ascending without getting dizzy or losing breath.


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