Thursday, August 17, 2006

[Blog Entry] Insomiac Nights, Sick Because of Work

Insomiac Nights

Currently, insomia is a mixed blessing for me. The bad news is I can't sleep. The good news is that there's all these ideas flowing in my head (hence the sudden jolt of blog entries) that needs to be written.

Unfortunately, fatigue prevents the stories from being written. Unless I invent the world's first time machine.

Sick Because of Work

I'm sick. Because of work. I mean literally. Right now I'm doing research, all of which contribute to my declining health.

First are the bound newspapers from 1986 until the present. Aside from exposing myself to the dirt that is inevitable with newsprint, the tomes are dusty. And heavy. I don't know which'll kill me first, the dirt or the fatigue from my bones and muscles. You don't need a bookworm, you need a bodybuilder to lift those things.

The alternative to browsing through newspapers would be the microfilm. Except navigating through microfilm makes me dizzy. I suffer from motion sickness watching people play Counterstrike. The same goes for watching objects traveling at a fast speed. Which can't be avoided if you actually want to turn to the next page or so when using the Microfilm projector.

And, and I was browsing through old photos as well. Which turns out to be dustier than the newspapers. One photographer sorted through the photos and came out sick one week later. Haven't had a fever in years but had one a few weeks ago thanks to a week's exposure. I expect a second one is coming if I don't stop soon...


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