Thursday, January 19, 2006

[Blog Entry] The Dona Paz Tragedy

The Dona Paz Tragedy

I just got a text message from my boss mentioning one of the news items on today's paper (my boss has always been keener and a better reader/writer than me). It's on the front page, but it's innocuous enough: "Caltex cleard in Paz sinking."

Since we've been doing research as far back as 1986, the Dona Paz tragedy is fresh in our minds, and we know its significance. In December 21, 1987, the Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker. A few explosions later, the casualty rate was somewhere at an estimated 2000~3000. Just to show at how awful that tragedy was, the Titani's death toll was somewhere at 1500+.

Law suits were filed, reparations were arranged, and here we are in 2006. And if you're wondering on how time or media affects perception, note that in the present news article, no mention of the casualty rate was mentioned, merely that Caltex was cleared of the charges of some long forgotten tragedy.


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