Tuesday, January 03, 2006

[Blog Entry] First Day of Hell, Some Things Just Can't Be Juxataposed, Stolen Links

First Day of Hell

Tomorrow's my first photo shoot for the year (well, technically the 1st and 2nd since I have two photo shoots tomorrow), and well, Murphy's Law is already at work. I'm feeling the stress and tension already. =)

Some Things Just Can't Be Juxataposed

One of the best text messages I got for the New Year was this: "May you get what you want (and want what you get)." Here's an example of how you can interchange a phrase or two to make a statement effective. Unfortunately, it's not always as effective. For example...

"May you get what you need." That's a great statement. However the reverse isn't always beneficial if you think about it. "May you need what you want." So if I want an iPod, I wonder what situation I must undergo to actually NEED one.

Stolen Links

Stolen from Nodwick:

It's a 1 hour, 9 minute anime music video. God, that's a lot of free time (editing alone...). And there's too many anime spliced into it that there's bound to be one that you'll recognize. On a side note, the first scene had the wackiest uses for, uh, breasts (see girls reload a gun!). I hope that with a length of more than an hour, I don't need to tell you that it's recommended to be a broadband user.

As for the RPG player in me, here are mp3s of actual game sessions. Dang, I threw away the tape of our gaming sessions...


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