Wednesday, October 26, 2005

[Blog Entry] This Week's "Links" Entry...

This Week's "Links" Entry...

According to The Guardian, I should be popular by now. Because apparently, books are the new status symbols. At least in Europe.

Dean Alfar has something to rejoice. One is Canada's Speculative Fiction site, while the other is an article by The Independent, which does an article on a self-published writer who's now picked up by a publisher. Sounds familiar? Of course the story tells an interesting marketing tactic for would-be self-publishers.

For movie fans, here's a big trailer of Narnia. I hope you're on broadband!

Here are notes for the sequels to Pirates of the Carribean and Underworld. As far as sequels go, fans might say goodbye to the lead actor of Harry Potter.

Lastly, the George Perez covere for Infinite Crisis #2 is up.


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