Wednesday, October 26, 2005

[Blog Entry] PLDT DSL Problems

PLDT DSL Problems

My family smartened up and finally got a DSL connection (hey, they're the ones paying the bills, not me) last Monday. Usually, I'd be there to supervise whatever installation occurs. Because in the end, it falls down to me to troubleshoot.

Of course since it was installed, I've been encountering some problems. Mainly the fact that I can't access some sites. JM Ibanez tackles the problem well. What it means for me is that I have "sporadic" access to sites that get affected, which unfortunately includes my email (yahoo). Other sites including various blogspot blogs (because blogs have lots of headers), certain bulletin boards,, and certain other websites (sorry, I don't surf for porn, so I don't know if they should be affected). I suspect the place I go to chat doesn't work as well.

Working for customer service before, the big problem about complaining is that these problems aren't reproducable. What I mean by that is I can't consistently prove to them that there's a problem. Sporadic is sometimes worse than never working at all.

While JM does put up good points, the case at home is something more difficult. Theoretically, users of Windows XP shouldn't be having problems. We have two computers at home, one running on Windows 2000 (mine) and another Windows XP (my sister's). I have a firewall (ZoneAlarm) and I thought that used to be the problem. Turned it off, reset my cookies, and still same problem. Tested it on my sister's computer and apparently she has the same problem as well (and she doesn't have a firewall).

What gives big problems is the fact that my family availed of PLDT's new wireless service, which means I'm using WiFi for my broadband. While paying P999 for 256k is cheap, I suspect that's partially causing the problem. (So now I look forward going to work in order to check email and check other people's blogs). And if you're suggesting we switch providers, you're locked into PLDT for one year. And we just got it a few days ago.


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