Sunday, September 18, 2005

[Blog Entry] Internet Woes, Bookstore Trip

Internet Woes

Alas, work has carried me far away from the office’s broadband connection, and my modem at home is plagued by grounded phone lines. If I have any Internet backlog, now you know why.

Bookstore Trip

I’ve been meaning to make my monthly pilgrimage to various bookstores, but have not yet found the time (or the budget) to do so.

To ease my loneliness, I paid a visit to the nearby Fully Booked branch, which was in the middle of unloading its new stocks. There were several books that caught my interest, but I’m reduced to window shopping.

There were two books that piqued my interest. One is for fans of Philip Pulman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. A spin-off, Lyra’s Oxford, was on the shelves of the children’s section. The other is perhaps less literary, but reminds me of my days reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. This time, it’s the Survivor series of books, which as you might have guessed, follows the same pattern as Choose Your Own Adventure, except well, you get to be the Survivor champion and follows the same locales as the hit TV-reality series.


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