Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[Blog Entry] Day Off, Wear and Tear, Test Subject, Brawl, Isn’t It Ironic?

Day Off

I took a day off yesterday, and one would think you spend days off to rest, relax, and read books. Unfortunately when you work five and a half days a week, days off are spent to catch up on errands you should have done a long time ago.

The morning was spent with my optometrist, while the afternoon with my doctor. Evening was spent with my family, and I still don’t have a new bag.

Wear and Tear

When you live a life like mine, you get to appreciate branded stuff. Because more often than not, branded items, while expensive, are built to last.

Take for example my computer. After several years of purchasing generic components which die in two years, I bought an IBM three years ago. To this day, everything seems to be working fine (well, the non-generic parts that is).

Aside from my bag, another item that dies just as quickly are my shoes. I bought Rockport shoes for my graduation ball in 2000, and I still wear it to this very day (never mind the fact that it’s in its death throes, and won’t last me ‘til the end of the year).

My parents who usually buy me my bags wizened up. They bought a bag that has a lifetime warranty. And can carry 38 liters. Which is just as well, since when I weighed the contents of my bag when it broke, I was carrying 35 pounds worth of books and accessories (don’t ask).

Test Subject

There’s so many things wrong with my body that I can actually test the potency of what gets digested.

There’s my allergy to chocolate, for example. I suspect the more chocolaty something is, the faster the reaction. Think of me as the girl from Pattern Recognition. Except for chocolate.

On a more serious note, I’ve tested the effectiveness of my vitamins. I didn’t use to have regular bowel movements, but ever since I switched brands, I have soft stools which come out regularly. My senses are so keen that I can actually smell what I shit (lately, it smells of soya milk).

Of course I’m glad to report (to those who constantly tell me to eat more) that I’ve actually gained five pounds. It’s not a change of diet (since I’m still eating the same amounts), but rather a tweak in the vitamins I take, plus drinking soya milk (who would have thought 500 ml a day would gain me 5 pounds in two months?). That’s a big thing, considering I’ve been avoiding meat for the past two weeks.

In the meantime, my doctor recommends that I drink more milk. So I guess my new regiment will be milk, milk, and soya milk.


I was in the middle of an interview today at the outskirts of SM North, when the table beside us erupted into a real-life fist fight. So it was 1 pm, and the only thing people were high on was coffee. Then somebody tapped the back of one of the patrons, and after some quick eye contact, erupted into a fight. A punch here, a punch there, and then the challengers quickly ran away. One of the security guards caught one of them, who I think is suspected of theft.

Isn’t It Ironic?

Among the disastrous events that happened on Monday, when I went to the LRT station to purchase a ticket, I only had P11.50 in coins, when the ticket costs P12.00. All of this, while lugging around 35 pounds on a broken bag, and some cake. (Actually, I had exactly P12.00, but the machine wouldn’t accept my last two twenty-five centavo coins.)


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