Saturday, May 21, 2005

[Blog Entry] Chickens Fight Back, Out of the Loop, Reunions

Chickens Fight Back

Along EDSA is a gas station with a KFC branch beside it. Of course several days ago, behind it was a huge KFC Cruelty billboard. It’s taken down now, but it was funny to see a small, KFC store with a big, looming anti-KFC propaganda behind it.

Out of the Loop

I used to attend every anime/manga/gaming-related convention, as long as ROTC didn’t interfere with it (thank God I don’t have ROTC anymore). For the past year, perhaps because of my job, I haven’t been able to really attend such events as much as I want to (take the last Animax convention, which was on a Friday).

Fortunately I was able to attend the U Got Game Pro con yesterday. But I honestly feel out of the loop. I mean it’s not like I cosplay. And others seem to have moved along with their lives. I was able to say hello to some old friends but aside from that, there wasn’t much we could really talk about.


Strangely enough, this week has been a reunion of sorts for me. For one thing, I met a batchmate who works in the same building as I do. What was surprising was the fact that he owns his own company.

Then my friend from the US came back. He’s our Dungeon Master. I guess that’s three months of gaming for us until he leaves. Lots of catching up to do.

And at the U Got Game Con yesterday, I did meet some old acquaintances. Found out another friend from high school who’s a fellow gamer is now working for Level Up Games. Then there’s this friend from college, and I’m glad I got to talk to her before she leaves on June for Japan (gambatte!). And finally met Clair, an online acquaintance and elder sister to one of my stalkers.

What's most important to you: your past, present, or future?


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