Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Plug: Uber-Games Sale


Uber-Games is happy to announce that for the entire month of March, we will be having a sale on many of our Euro games, with a 30-40% discount for each title. Here's a full list of what's on sale:

Game - Sale Price
Alhambra - P1400
Axis & Allies (Revised) - P1900
Betrayal at House on the Hill - P1900
Bluff - P750
Brawl - buy one, take one
Cartagena - P900
Dragon Delta - P1000
Elfenland - P1400
Falling - P400
King's Breakfast - P400
Mexica - P1200
Paris Paris - P900
Pueblo - P1200
Royal Turf - P500
Scotland Yard - P1200
Ticket to Ride - P1600
Vinci - P1000
Wings of War - P1250
You're Bluffing - P300

Contact me if you're interested. Many of these games are also available at GameFrog (www.gamefrog.ph).



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