Sunday, February 27, 2005

Planning Ahead

In certain ways, I can’t plan ahead with my current job because there’s the not-so-occasional thing that pops up, such a photo shoot or an event that needs to be covered. But of course, it’s also not as strict as a call center (you can be a few minutes late, for example) and what’s important is that you get the job done (there are times when I have free time during work... but of course, before I spend it idly, I ask other people around if they need anything else done).

The Sound of the Keyboard

I guess I’m just one of those people who loves to hear the sound of the keyboard keys being pressed continuously. Which is also why blogging is such a treat for me since that’s one of the few times that I actually get to type. Writing something serious, on the other hand, usually takes time and I have to pause to think what I’m going to write next. When it comes to blogging, things flow more naturally.

Author Interviews

On a side note, to the people I meet in real life, I have some mp3s of the following authors. Feel free to comment if you me to burn you a copy (or even convert it into CD audio):

Charles de Lint
China Mieville
Chuck Palahniuk
Clive Barker
Dan Simmons
Graham Joyce
James Barclay
Jasper Fforde
Kim Stanley Robinson
Lucius Shepard
Margaret Weis
Terry Goodkind


I guess I realized what insatiable greed truly was over the weekend. I was at the office during the weekend (alas, I have work on Saturdays) and with access to DSL, I more or less had downloaded pretty much everything I wanted. Of course with idle time on your hands and the fact that I only have a dial-up access connection at home, I began looking for stuff to download since… it’s DSL! (I never thought I’d see the day I’d achieve download speeds of 89 kbps.) I guess that was greed on my part, when I already had everything I needed yet continued to look for more and more for no apparent purpose but for the sake of it (not that my downloading spree was harmful to anyone…).

One Month

It's official. Tomorrow marks the first month I've been working at the company I'm in right now.


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