Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Thrive on Bread

Which isn't by choice actually. I was served raisin bread for breakfast, and after skipping lunch, I found myself at Bread Talk for dinner and tried some of their, uh, bread (since one has to try new things inevitably).


I've seen the tightening of security this past week, especially in light of the recent bombings and the celebration of EDSA tomorrow. Robinson's Galleria, for example, just installed metal detectors (or at least they look like them) at their doors in addition to the guards doing a security check. The MRT security performs a more thorough check on bags (and unlike my friend who was interrogated by the guards for possession of CD-R's, I didn't suffer the same fate) although I still firmly believe that I can sneak a bomb past them.

And of course, text messages and newspapers have been passing around the possibility of a few targeted sites in Metro Manila (and coincidentally, the Makati area has been the primary target for the past five years, whether it was the initial bombing at the rest rooms of G4 or the more recent bomb explosion).


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