Monday, February 21, 2005

It's Links, Links, and More Links

This month's theme is comics so here are some cool comic links.

For manga scanlations, check out Daily Manga. It's basically a database of most (if not all) manga scanlations available. The site is partially in French and partially in English (don't forget to click on the US flag) but I'm sure you'll manage.

Chugworth Academy is a guilty pleasure. Here are some highlights: Ahoy Matey! is perhaps a better, more efficient way of stopping music piracy (at least they're better than their MRT-guarding, bag-searching local counterparts). And for the guys (despite the fact that a majority of my livejournal friends are female, I'd like to think that guys do read this blog) who's ever wondered what goes on in the female minds of yaoi fans, Girl Talk is for you.

Perhaps one of the most often used exercises in comics is putting dialogue on the same set of panels and illustrations (and some magazines turn this into a contest!). Qwants takes this to a new level and it's assuming to see how much you can do with more or less the same set of illustrations over and over for the past 365 days.


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