Monday, February 14, 2005

Post Valentines

When you're walking to and from work (or for some people, commuting), you really see a lot of peole either peddling roses or carrying boquets of them. And while it's perhaps easy to fall prey to jealousy, my mentality for that day was that it was a great opportunity to be nice to people (I brought chocolates for everyone at work... but I did that last year anyway and the year before that for my batchmates in school).

Of course not everything was perfect during Valentines Day since there were some bombings all over the country (the one in Makati was closer to home). Well, living in the Philippines will always be 'interesting'.

Shaman King Strike Two

It wasn't exactly the most popular anime when it was airing on GMA 7 but Cartoon Network got a hold of it so let's see if it's going to be a hit this time around (and Toy Kingdom is lugging around some toys if I'm not mistaken).

In the meantime, the latest thing happening in the next few days would probably be AnimeExplosion 2005 which officially starts tomorrow.


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