Monday, February 07, 2005

Anime All Around Me

Had to take a detour before I went to work today. Of course I did encounter some interesting experiences.

For example, I passed a school that was offering Japanese lessons. Of course it so happened that their poster contained a hodgepodge of anime characters that from far away, I thought they were offering animation lessons. It's only when I got closer that I realized what they were really offering.

And of course, one of my destinations was a warehouse. Unfortunately, one of the rooms I was interested in was locked and they couldn't find the key. They had to resort into breaking into their office (which was easily done by going through the window... something I can relate as it often happens during my high school days when no one had the key to the pub room). Of course the guy told me "ayan na ang magaling na si Lupin" ("Here comes the great Lupin"). Of course I honestly don't think he was referring to Maurice Leblanc's literary character (of course to everybody's credit, the only fictional detective that everybody is familiar with is probably Sherlock Holmes).

Big BooBoo

Some of my book orders arrived last Sunday and one of the books I ordered for a friend was Shadow Games by Glen Cook. It's a nitty-and-gritty fantasy war/military story. Unfortunately, I messed up the orders and instead, I got Shadow Game by Christine Feehan, which is a interstitial romance sci-fi fantasy (talk about getting the opposite of what you want). My only consolation is that Shadow Game is the first book in the series.


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