Friday, February 04, 2005

Hectic Week

It's been a busy week and I've been sacrificing sleep to get some work done. But it's finally the weekend and I have some minor repreive (although I still have work tomorrow). Of course next week will be even busier, with various photo shoots, the Chinese New Year, and more organizing on my part will be involved.

Physical Challenge

A lot of people know I walk a lot. I walk to work, I walk to the malls, heck, I even walk all the way from Ortigas to the houses of Cyril, Franco, and Henry all the way in Shaw (it's a 20-minute walk by the way). Honestly, changing the distances won't really matter since the ground is even and I have good pacing.

The latest challenge I've set up for myself is, well, involves work. You see the office I work in is located at the 16th floor of the building. And the elevators are usually cramped and takes a while to get to the ground floor, much like the elevators in my previous job. Except this building actually has a fire escape that isn't locked, which means people can actually use the stairs in case of emergency or if there's a power failure. I think you can pretty much guess what I'm getting at. And honestly, it's not something I recommend for everyone. Even I have problems ascending 16 floors (each floor, by the way, has 20 steps, so I'm basically going through 300 steps everyday), especially with my big bag. It's not that I run out of breath more than the muscles on my legs are getting exhausted. Hopefully by the end of the month, I'll be skipping and hopping myself to the 16th floor.


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