Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sudden Changes

There's been a sudden shift in my life but it's not like I wasn't expecting it. Just goes to show that even if you've already made plans, one has to be flexible and adaptable.

Just when I thought I had six days of "free time", I suddenly find myself left with 20 hours of free time.


Haven't fully recovered yet from my allergies, but just as I was getting better, diarrhea hits me. And believe me, this is the worst diarrhea I've had in my life. I never thought I'd exhaust two rolls of tissue paper just wiping my ass.

Small Victories, New Challenges

In certain ways, finding a job is like graduating from high school. On one level, you're happy because you've made an accomplishment (especially if it's an occupation you're really interested in). It marks the end of a goal. But on the other hand, it also marks the start of a new one. Once you've graduated from high school, you realize there's a whole new battle, whether it's real life, college, or some soul-searching quest. The same goes with landing a job. Now that you have it, there are new hurdles to overcome, new goals to set.

That's the cycle of life I guess. You just keep on moving forward.


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