Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wanted: Video Game Reviewer

MTV Ink is looking for a video game reviewer (and I do mean reviewing the latest games [your choice of platform but preferably either PC, PS2, or XBox] and can submit on time). Interested parties just leave a comment. Can't believe I'm actually advertising this (and would be doubly surprised if no one actually responds).

Wanted: Mannequins

Anyone know where I can borrow a couple of full body, female mannequins? Don't ask what we're going to do with it. =) But honestly, they'll be returned safe and sound.

Wanted: Models

I'm looking for people who look like the following for a Pulp photo shoot (don't worry, you'll be compensanted with gift checks and of course [or for some, optionally] name credits):








Anime/Manga/Comics Updates

No more Questor. What's on the stands right now is probably their last issue.

Summit most likely also won't be acquiring new manga titles. I guess we're stuck with Slam Dunk and Ragnarok.


Blogger Joey D said...

Hey, My name is Joe. I am an english major currently trying to break into the field of writing for a gaming magazine. Reviewing for an e-zine I think would be a good start. I am witty. It isn't always quick but when writing you have time to come up with a good line. I am always on time and never miss an essay deadline. I have a kick-ass pc and a ps2. I will have an xbox 360 in the near future. If you want to see more about me go tp or e-mail me at

11:18 PM  

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