Friday, January 21, 2005

Still Sick

Perhaps the problem I have with colds is the fact that it affects a lot of the orifices in the body. Right now, it's either I have a clogged nose, or my eardrums aren't "balanced". On a side note, my right eye has a huge stye right now.

But on the good news, the grade of my glasses just went down. I'm now 450/450, an improvement over my 475/475 last year.

Recommended Anime

Did manage to snag some episodes of Paranoia Agent from Marco c/o Vin and it's really a great anime (actually one of the sleeper anime in the nation, considering no one else has recommended it to me and most of the local piraters don't have it on their list).

The series is 13 eps and is one of those psychological thrillers in the vein of Perfect Blue.


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