Sunday, January 16, 2005


Slept for the past twelve hours, mainly because I got attacked by my allergies again. Unfortunately, my colds couldn't have come at a worse time since my braces had just been adjusted and the wires were hitting my mouth whenever I wiped my nose. Of course my now infamous right eye was acting up again, dripping puss the entire time I was sneezing. So basically, not only was my nose wet (along with the effects blowing your nose has on your ear drums), so were my eyes, and there was some pain on my teeth as well.

But hopefully, I've recovered by now.

Work Work

The latter of last week was suddenly a big shift as I was suddenly exploring business and career opportunities, including meeting up with one of my previous employers. Suffice to say, it's nice to have options.

Of course interestingly enough, my "work curses" still seem to be following me. When I was in high school, I tried to contribute to some magazines. Of course just before my article gets published (or in the case of one magazine, before the first issue ever came out), the magazine would suddenly go out of business (of course magazine publications do have a high mortality rate in general so it's not something to be freaked out about). And well, it's happened again recently. I guess if there's a certain magazine that I hate, I should offer to be a contributing writer.

On a side note, the other "work curse" I have is that establishments that I used to work for go down in flames, literally. Well, so far, the call center I was working for is still standing, so that's good news.


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