Sunday, January 09, 2005

G3 Con Day 3

I wasn't able to go to the 2nd date because I had other commitments, but from what I heard, there were over 70+ cosplayers that day (twice the amount from the previous day) and hordes of people.

Thankfully, there weren't hordes of people on the third day, and the place wasn't actually crowded (well, if there was traffic, it was due to people posing and taking photos rather than actual squirming into a crowd). Two of the MMORPG companies each had three models in costume that day to advertise their game. And of course, that was also the day for the final awarding (and it only occurred to me that throughout the whole time, no one knew what the prizes were).

There were lots of cosplayers, although I don't think it reached the 70 mark. Outstanding ones include an Armored Core unit (this is its second appearance and it's one huge, lovely thing, although it did surprise me when it didn't get into the finals), a Prince Zardos complete with red tights, and some of my friends, who had a Starcraft ensemble and this girl (sorry Jewel, I forgot your character's name) from Soul Calibur (I think) with a sword that detaches itself into a whip-like weapon. And of course, the previous finalists were impressive, from a really large moggle to the Roy Foker's Valkryie to this robot-warrior from Mortal Kombat (I think it's apparent now that I'm not good with names).

Suffice to say, there were several finalists that day, and the ones who won prizes were the 1st-place for the Game Girl contest, the best male and female cosplayer, and the three winners (grand prize, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up) for the cosplay in general. As can be expected, first place went to the Valkryie (worn by Monkee, and his colleague Morgul King was the one inside the Armored Core unit).

The prizes were a lot, ranging from free anti-theft software, a bunch of magazine, a really thick cache of prepaid Internet cards, some gift checks, and of course, cash checks. Oh, and one of the sponsors even gave samurai swords (don't worry, they're blunt) to the winners.

Other comments about the convention was that they implemented the sticker-tag system (which I think was originally implemented during the Book Fair last year) which involves going to the cashier, giving them your name, and they'll print out a sticker (with a barcode) and you stick it somewhere on your body. Strangely enough, this con had the lowest entrance fee, P25.00, but this con also had fees for would-be cosplayers. A lot of the local MMORPG companies were represented, except the most successful one to date.

It was great to see some new costumes, and hopefully, there will be new ones in the months to come.


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