Friday, December 31, 2004

Year Ender Part 3
Happy New Year And I'd Like to Thank Everyone

In previous years, I'd make an email thanking all my friends and giving them the reasons why I had such a great year with them (and it saves me the embarassment in case I missed someone). Unfortunately, right now I really don't know people's emails, and my world stopped revolving around emails a few years back. I don't think there's any better way I can thank my friends than via blogging.

LJ Friends

To my cosplayer friends (you know who you are, hehehe): it's nice to know that you "friended" me back, and that I'm part of your friends list. I love hearing your stories, and when you're in trouble (and who doesn't have problems these days?), I wish I can do more than just give you a virtual hug. If there's anything I can do for you guys and girls, just tell me and I'll see what I can do (obviously, no promises there, but I'll certainly give it my best effort). Special mention to Cheenaroonie who befriended me first rather than the other way around, and Jerry Polence and Seitokaichou who I got to know a little bit better thanks to blogging. And of course, I always look forward to seeing you people more often. Especially the ones overseas. =)

To the Lit Soc people (again, you know who you are): To those who've graduated, it was nice that you kept in touch. It was great seeing Cecille and Hieispike after such a long time although I really wish we could have spent more time with each other. As for the three furies (Alenurd, Monmonito, and Purpleslurpee), if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask (but of course, I won't always agree, hehehe). I guess being around you gals made me act more responsible as of late. Hidetoslave, we don't get to see each other as much (and you're also under my cosplayer friends, nyek). And Irian, the older sister I never had, I want my book back. =)

Friens from Pinoy Otaku: well, I know we've drifted apart and in a certain sense, I don't think I was really accepted as part of the group. But I do love you as individuals, and that goes to Balatstar, Bathala, Cugami, Defune Hime, Goddess Rising, Kuwami, Salamangkiero, Tempus Fugit, Ben Cab, and Miyachan, even if not all of you are reading this.

The Three Witches (Embai, Kitsune Jade, and Pornkings) and Friends (Cugami, Daeas, Mithas, Silver Hakai, and Slaves): Honestly, we don't get to see each other as much, nor talk to each other as often, but more often than not, you guys have been the most accepting. In the end, you're the people I call up at the middle of the night (because you're all insomiacs!), or the people I want to meet up with for no reason at all.

Ateneans: You're all a mixed bunch actually, and in a way, that makes me happy that I have such diverse friends as you guys, and that you all kept in touch with me one way or another. What's in store for our future? Well, we're all traveling that path, and if there's anything I can offer you, it's that you're not treading that path alone. And of course, if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask.

Friends and Acquaintances from Pornking's Flist: Right now, Dark Geisha and Meissa mean the world to me, although we haven't known for each other long, and in your case Dark Geisha, you're a continent away. But if there's any kindred soul in my flist, it's you two. As for Cindyg and Lisan, I really don't know why you added me to your friend's list, but I'm grateful and glad that we became friends. And to World Serpent, I love your entries, and here's to getting to know you better in the following year.

Mierin Lanfear and friends (Osmalic, Szishen, and Zhynchan): Mierin and Osmalic are two great friends, even if we don't see or talk to each other much. Szishen and Zhynchan, both of you are an enigma to me, but it's nice that you added me to your friend's list and made the gesture of friendship. I appreciate it.

Khursten and company (you know who you are): it was nice actually talking to you people, and although I've probably met you/seen you a long time ago, it's only that that we're taking the initiative to get to know each other better.

And of course, there are the people that I can't really fit into any category: Like_Teeth, it was nice meeting your acquaintance, and I really want to get to know you better. Sillue, you're a mystery to me as well, although it looks like we have common interests. I hope to know you better as well. And Rin, I honestly never thought we'd be friends again ever since I had a crush on you five years ago and got my heart broken. But it's great to know that we're friends now. And of course Ficto, why we don't always agree, you're one of the youngest talents I've met so far. Nadare, we were talking a few months back but we suddenly stopped communicating. I really wish we could rekindle that relationship if you're reading this. Eula Tequila, here's to knowing you better as well.

Blogger Friends

To the Comic Quest gang: admittedly, I know sometimes I'm a nuisance to you guys (although I don't mean to be), but thanks for accepting me. I really look up to Dean for his skill in writing, gaming, business, and opinions when it comes to books. I also adore his lovely wife Nikki whom I can always loan books to. And of course Vinnie, one of the reasons I actually stay in Comic Quest (you didn't think it was for the comics, did you?) and the occassional book pimping. Marco for his personality and interests in pop culture, Carl for always being polite and ready to crack a joke, and Jason and his willingness to help out. And Andrew, aside from my LJ-praise of him, is the closest person of my age in the group (well, there's always Ralph, but he's not reading my blog). There's also Alex, gamer and comic fan who always comes in with a smile and ready for conversation, and Jay with our common interests.

My gaming group: well, not all of you have blogs but I'm sure some of you are reading this. You're actually part of the reason why I have a reason to live. For me, gaming is a social activity; there's no "game" if there's no people. And you guys make it worthwhile.

Ateneans: well, I don't think you guys visit my blog as often (at least not compared to the Ateneans in LJ-land) but if you're reading this, I'm glad you're still keeping in touch. I actually wanna meet up with you people as well, provided you have the time. Abi, it's been so long since we last saw each other. Hope you're doing well, PJ and Kapi.

Noelle: although we haven't seen each other for something like the past four years, your blog is one of the ways we keep in touch, and it's nice to know that there's a dedicated Christian out there like you (even if my opinion you sometimes go overboard).

Mel: What can I say? You're the closest person I have to a best friend until you left. But unlike the friends that have literally left me to go overseas, we actually managed to keep in touch (thanks to modern technology). Hopefully we can both clean up our own acts and fix our own lives; in the meantime, I'll be there suffering with you.

Elbert: We don't always see eye to eye, but we both know we have genuine concern for each other. I know you're destined for greatness, so don't forget us on your way up there.

Cammy: Just want to let you know I'll be there as a friend, no matter what might happen.

Tobie: Although we seem to share the same circle, our paths don't seem to cross often (at least meeting personally in real life). Hope to get to know you better.

Gerry: You're a great person! I've never met someone so humble and friendly. I was amazed when we were introduced and that we were talking to each other. I applaud you for your stance and conviction in your beliefs, even if I don't necessarily agree with all of them.

To the strangers that read and/or linked me: I'm honored that you actually put links to me in your blogs. Although to those in the Philippines, we really should meet up one time. Allan, hope to read more of your exploits. And honestly, if there's any book you wanna borrow, be it gaming, or fantasy or science-fiction, feel free to ask.

To the Hey Comics people: well, we don't know each other too well, but I'm glad that we were introduced and hope to hear more from you guys. Actually, I'm intimidated by you people, which is why I might come out as shy whenever we meet.

Tin and her siblings: one of the best things in my life was meeting you people. Glad to have known you and hope our paths will cross more in the future.

To the people I have yet to meet and those who have yet to read what I have to say: hopefully, our encounters will be favorable. I'm far from the best person you'll meet (and in fact, I'm quite the opposite: I'm really a nasty and annoying person) but hopefully, we can be friends.


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