Saturday, January 08, 2005

G2 Con

I was there last Friday and the place seemed spacious, thanks to the fact that there were few people. Most of the stalls comprised of video game retailers and magazines, with the occassional deviant shop. There was also a catering service at one end, and at the other end was a display of cars and motorcycles.

The cosplay was quick and painless, but then again, there were only around two dozen of them (kudos though to one group who tried to come out with all of the Getbackers characters). Perhaps the most striking character in costume that day was the Valkryie from Robotech/Macross. We'll see how thinks will turn out later.

Too Short of a Life

Yesterday was one of those days when the night seemed young, and I just wanted to hang out with my friends (my current gaming group) even though it was already past midnight. But alas, there's always the next day and the day after that, along with all the obligations and responsibilities that come with it. Sometimes, I wish there was no tomorrow, and that time would stand still at that moment; why bother thinking about work the next day when you can have fun today? Even as I woke up this morning I didn't want to get out of bed. True, life has so much to offer, but it also has the possibility of causing disappointment or pain.

But I think the important thing is to continue on since life will always have its ups and downs.


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