Friday, September 24, 2004

Panic Modes

Sometimes, when we meet adversity, we panic. This can take several forms, whether it's a "mind blank", being tense, or even hyperventilating. There are three phases in which panicking can occur, and most of us usually panic in one of these phases, while others in more than one.

Pre-crisis: When we know we're going to meet adversity, we usually get nervous or tense. We haven't yet faced the problem yet we're already worrying about it. Panicking at this phase usually excites our nerves and this might lead some people to back out or quit even before facing the dilemma. Paranoid people could also be classified under this category, as they suspect something before it has happened and are always suspecting danger from every corner.

During the crisis: This is when we panic during the dilemma. A common example of this is forgetting everything you've learned during an exam, or stuttering when you're speaking in front of your crush. In extreme situations, some people faint. If the person in question is also suffering from pre-crisis panic, they tend to increase the panic they feel during the crisis, blowing it out of proportion.

Post-crisis: Once we "survive" a certain experience, it's only afterwards that our emotions are "activated" once again and that's when we panic. If it was an exam we took, we suddenly realize all the wrong answers we made, of if we were talking to our crush, we think of the words we should have said and how we must have looked like a fool. Some people usually take this time to break out and cry, when no one nearby is looking. Post-crisis panic can lead to pre-crisis panic, which is the case with some paranoid people, as they've already experienced a certain trauma and expect it to happen again.

Personally, I probably suffer from post-crisis panic. I mean I try to calm myself before I meet adversity and think that until I actually experience it, I won't really know how horrible it is. When facing the problem, I'm too focused on solving it to let my emotions get the better of me. It's only when I actually have time to reflect and digest everything that I panic and feel nervousness and regret. It's why I whine a lot.


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