Saturday, September 18, 2004

Unattractive by Choice

I know that I'm not exactly the most handsome of men, but I'm not at the bottom of the ladder either. I'm somewhere in the middle, although I do have a geeky looks thanks to my dishreveled hair, glasses, and skinny frame.

Of course I also suffer from the Clark Kent/Superman complex. I look quite different when my glasses are off. I can even look prettier if I fix my hair, start wearing contacts, and shave off my eyebrows according to Dean.

On a side note, today one of my friends plucked my eyebrows because she thinks it'll make me look pretty. And me being me, I can't decline a pretty girl.

Anyway, one of the reasons I stay the way that I am is that it's easier to maintain, and the fact that when I look like a geek, people tend to underestimate and/or pity me. Just got off from the middle of nowhere today and hailing a taxi in that area was difficult to say the least. One of them stopped because he was worried for me and dropped me off near my house even if he was supposed to be going home already.

U Got Game Convention

Anyway, so that does who'll do Google search results won't be disappointed, the cosplay winners are the ff: Robert Wong 1st place for Starcraft's Hydralisk, Jerry 2nd place for Starcraft's Kerrigan, and Paul Mendoza 3rd plaze for Final Fantasy's Auron.

The convention was held at a small area (probably only as huge as one of the Megatrade Halls) and is situated in the middle of nowhere (i.e. away from EDSA). My only consolation was the fact that it was beside the World Trade Center, and I've been there the other month because of the book fair. I texted one of my friends who's an organizer and he told me that the instructions for going there was at the Level Up website but not at their own website.

Also, signs could have helped since there were a lot of lines but people weren't lining up in the appropriate lines (i.e. there's a line for cosplay registration, art contest registration, and the freebie registration). It was also confusing for some of the cosplayers since there were two cosplays at the event, one for Level Up Games, and the other for U Got Game itself.

As for the cosplay itself, since it's a "gaming cosplay", with the exception of some Ragnarok costumes, most of the ones presented during the event were totally new (or at least old costumes worn by new people). One of the best costumes out there though didn't get to join the cosplay since he arrived late. It's also interesting to note that Morgul King, the guy who dressed up as the Witch King in the recent cosplay events this year (and won), is still known by his alias and not by his real name. He wore a cool mecha outfit, but alas, came too late to register (but it nonetheless impressed the crowd).


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