Monday, August 02, 2004

U Got Game Cosplay

The International Gaming Development Association (IGDA) Manila Chapter, together with CompSAt, the La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) of De La Salle University, the UP Association of Computer Science Majors (CURSOR) of the University of the Philippines, and the Organization of Technical Innovation (OTI) of Mapua, have organized a game development contest aptly named U Got Game. Through this said event, competitors from student groups will engage in a healthy competition of skills and talent for game development. Participants are given their chance to show off their programming skills and imagination as well. We are hoping to bring out the best and brightest in the field of computer game development.

Cosplay Guidelines:

- This competition is open to everyone

- For the costume themselves, the only restriction is that it should be based on something that came out as a GAME first. Those that were based on things released as anime, manga, comics, movies, etc, then ported as games are not allowed. Those that were released as a game and as an anime/manga/comics/movies/etc at the same time are not allowed as well. If the game was then made into an anime/manga/comics/movies/etc, only the characters in the game are allowed

- We will provide dressing rooms for those who need them

For more information, visit U Got Game or Game Masters

(The event, while it mentions no date nor venue, I suspect will be held on Sept. 18 at the World Trade Center.)


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