Saturday, July 31, 2004


Did you ever notice that some of the more popular cakes are those that have chocolate as an ingredient? Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu, etc. all have chocolate components in them. Because of my chocolate affliction (I'm allergic to chocolate), I'm deprived of such luxuries.

All I have in the end is blueberry cheesecake. which is actually quite good and sweet. Blueberry also has that exotic feel. I mean we don't see blueberry everyday here in the Philippines.

There was even one point in time when I was looking for blueberry drinks. Unfortunately, they were only available in the US as a Kool-Aid flavor. If you also remember ICEE (the 80's equivalent of slurpee), they also served blueberry, but they disappeared along with the Greenhills Theater (the old one, not its Theater Mall reincarnation).

Right now, I'll have to settle with Dewberry's cookies (the blueberry one, not the other red flavor).

Blueberry ice cream... mmm. Perhaps in the near future...

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a smart but annoying brat named Charles.

Charles had few friends, so he concocted devious ways to acquire them.

To beautiful girls he was attracted to, he gave gifts and surprises.

In order to lull suspicion away from him, he gave gifts equally to everybody else.

Unfortunately, it worked too well that everybody thought of him as a friend rather than as an admirer.

Charles now prefers a more direct, obvious, and blatant method.

(So if I come bearing gifts, it's not because I'm interested in dating you. If I am, I will say so, directly and without any attempt at exagerration or metaphor. Otherwise, it's just probably one of my many evil ways of conquering the world.)

P.S. Yes, I'm single. And no, I'm not courting anyone at the moment (I really wish I was... life would be much more interesting that way).


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