Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Xenophobic Chinese

It was mentioned by one of the guests at Straight Talk (who's acronym, interestingly enough, is STALK) that the Chinese community in the Philippines still carries their xenophobic ancestry with them. Which is why they usually don't want to mingle their bloodlines with Filipinos, for example.

Being raised by a Filipino-Chinese parents, I have to agree. My parents (and even some batchmates back from Xavier) perceive themselves to be superior.

And in a certain way, this also gives the Filipino-Chinese a certain drive. I mean when you're in a hostile environment, people tend to band together. Which partially explains why Filipino-Chinese tend to clump in groups and try to monopolize a certain area of business, for example.

Of course in the long run, xenophobia is bad. It resists change and adaptation, and if there's one reason why the human race has survived for so long, it's because of its ability to adapt (roaches, unfortunately, don't need to adapt).


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