Monday, August 09, 2004

Two Blackeyes

No, I don't actually have two blackeyes, although it feels like it, considering I'm having my regular kuliti (the equivalent of pimples on your eyelids) and they happen to be on both eyelids.

When doctors start mentioning "hormonal imbalance", they might as well say cancer. It's essentially the same thing after all (in the sense that doctors don't exactly know what causes it, nor do they have a "cure" for it). Of course cancer's the more lethal of the two, which is why scientists concentrate on solving that problem rather than the other one (it gets them more fame and glory).

Of course I can't help but ask that despite all our advances in medicine and the like, we still haven't discovered the cure for more mundane stuff, such as colds, and yes, hormonal imbalances. Sure, they're not as important as say, AIDS or cancer, but they're more rampant than the two combined. And of course, nearly everyone can benefit from such a cure, unlike AIDS and cancer which seems to affect, for the most part, the wealthy people (or at least those living in moderate luxury).


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