Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Convenience of Modern Technology

It's 2004 and for all our technological advances, I think the one thing that makes living in this century quite comfortable is one simple thing: the modern bathroom.

The toilet to be exact. I mean shitting is already uncomfortable as it is. Depriving us of this modern convenience would make life difficult. I mean imagine yourself living several centuries back. Your outhouse is a shack in the woods. Not only is it publicly humiliating (even though there's no one watching), your environment is out to get you: the flies, the insects, probably even the worms. And if people already have problems flushing the toilet, what more of digging up dirt to cover your own wastes?

Toilet paper is also good. I mean what did people back then use to wipe their ass? Or are they stuck with the smell afterwards? And never underestimate the value of light via electricity. Sure, when it's morning, everything's okay. But once darkness hits and you have to go, wandering out in the middle of the night is no easy task (not to mention that you might be squatting in what could possibly be a serpent's den). And let's not forget bathroom reading.

The modern incarnation of the toilet is probably one of the smarter things man has made. I mean I can live without a bed, live without TV, and probably even live without the telephone. But never underestimate the value of the toilet; when the call of nature calls and you got to go, be grateful that it's there.


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