Saturday, August 07, 2004

Away All Day

Today (errr, yesterday) was one of those days when your house turns into a place merely for sleeping and eating (and even not much of the latter).

And of course, the temptation not to spend money is great (so yes, I have money these days, although I also have lots of debts).

The Eye That Sees

I was at our job pre-orientation and I couldn't help but identify the would-be leaders in the group. I mean in face of the unknown (or adversity), people tend to clump in groups (there's safety in numbers! or at least the others will go down before you do). And in those groups, there will eventually be someone who will lead them, the person that shows initiative for the rest to follow.

Of course I'm the usual loner, either I found a group except they're not in my shift, or I'll be the last choice. But it's still interesting to see the interaction and power plays in social groups, and is a good testing ground for my skills.

Lastly, it seems that I'll either be completely ignored (the person you see in your peripheral vision so you ignore) or the person that's the center of attention, whether it's due to aversion, pity, envy, or just plain weirdness.


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