Thursday, April 24, 2003

More Whining

Finally done with my Flash job, whether my employers like it or not.

Well, my employer did drop by my house because she needed it by tomorrow morning. Spent the last five hours cramming it. And uh, they don't have a right to complain since they were doing the layout in the first place.

So far yet so near... the "head programmer" will be arriving on Saturday. One day after the deadline. >.< It's been a grueling four weeks. I don't get paid enough for this.

What Turns Women Into Giddy Girls

My dog. My huge, dobberman dog. My employer did drop by my house. And then squealed when she saw the dog. She was so afraid to take those few steps to enter the house.

And then I remember that this is the usual reaction when girls (and some guys) see my dog. Girls have clutched my arm at the sight of the dog.

Too bad not a lot of girls drop by the house.


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