Sunday, August 06, 2006

[Blog Entry] Real Life Updates (For Those Who Are Actually Interested...)

Real Life Updates (For Those Who Are Actually Interested...)

Life's currently back to normal, or what passes for normal. The weather's rainy, but so far no lingering colds.

Of course work is currently busy, busy, busy, mainly due to the fact that I'm helping out with every other magazine that we're working on. Had two photo shoots during the week, and it seems everybody else is pressuring me to work, work, work when it comes to our annual publication.

I work in cycles, and so far I'm in my reading cycle. Even though the World Cyber Games is around the corner, the gamer in me is in hibernation, and I'm trying to revive the writer part of me. So far I've only manage to revive the reader in me, and I finished my first book for the month a few days ago, after a three month slump of not reading anything (!).

Oh, and I'm dead broke (as usual), and perhaps the strangest fact about bibliophiles is that even though they already have piles of books that needs to be read at home, we still go on buying more and more books, fearing the day when we finish reading a book, and find out that there's nothing left to read.


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