Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[Plug] GSpot


While I'm not as tech savvy as Liana's boyfriend (you know, I never really got to know your name, and the only reason I think you friended me was because of Liana), I'd like to think I'm up to speed on the latest developments when it comes to computers. Or at least knowledgeabale enough to know which goes which, especially when it comes to watching anime.

What with all the codecs now (DivX and VidX being one of the most popular ones), it can sometimes be a hassle playing videos you download off the Internet. Don't know if you have the right video codec? Or perhaps (as I found out just now) audio codec? Have no fear, GSpot to the rescue. You just open a video file in it and it'll tell you the details, such as what video codec you need to run it, or what audio codec it runs on. Then it's off to the Internet to find the appropriate program...


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