Sunday, July 09, 2006

[Blog Entry] Novocaine


The stye in my eye has shrunk, mainly due to the fact that it burst last Friday evening. One has to be a masochist in a certain sense to remove all the pus that was stored near my eye. The problem with boils, styes, and pimples, is that in order to get rid of the pus, you have to inflict pain on yourself. Treating the body is never easy, and in this case, it's immensely painful as blood mingles with the sickly yellow ichor of pus, and there's no real way of getting rid of the latter without the former. It reminded me of Steve Martin's character in the movie Novocaine, who had to pull out all his teeth. It wouldn't be so bad if somebody else was subjecting you to pain, but when you have to do it yourself, well, it's a big challenge.


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