Tuesday, August 15, 2006

[Blog Entry] Blogging Habits

Blogging Habits

Ever since I started working more than a year ago (sometime in January of 2005), my blogging (and reading... and writing) habits have simply slumped. There was a time when I'd visit all my friends's blogs religiously, but now, the sad fact is, I don't. There are several reasons, everything from the increasing number of bloggers to occassional updates on people's blogs, but the fact of the matter is, work has been taking a significant chunk of time.

By no means does that mean I don't read blogs anymore. I usuallly check my email and livejournal friend's page at least once a day (barring Internet disconnection or me stranded in a rural area), but unfortunately, blogger doesn't really have a feature wherein I can view all the blogs I visit in one page (yes, yes, there are pages where you have links to all your acquaintances's blogs and RSS feeds, but that's different from viewing the entire entry of each and every person you know). Most likely, the only time I visit other people's blogs is when they comment, hehehe. Or when my stalker sense tingles.

Of course I'd expect in the future, when mobile technology progresses to the point that I can surf the Internet from my phone cheaply (alas, we're not Japan where G3 is pervasive) and read people's blogs while stranded in traffic or in the MRT (while evading cellphone snatchers of course), but that's a tomorrow that has yet to occur.


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