Monday, July 03, 2006

[Blog Entry] Stye, Work Work Work, I Want My Milkshake, Bookstore Interior Design


Remember the stye in my eye which I posted a few weeks back? Well, it's still there, bigger than ever, and there's no hole for me to puncture all the built-up pus. Suffice to say, the stye is enough to discourage me from seeing other people, even if I'm not typically vain. But what's a bigger issue for me is the fact that it's actuallly hampering my vision, and is also quite uncomfortable. Why, I went to the bookstore yesterday and actuallly bought the wrong book...

Work Work Work

Where shall I even begin? Two weekends ago, I lost my weekend to the company outing. Last weekend I was busy with a shoot near the Cainta area, and it probably wouldn't have been as bad if it weren't for my stye.

Had a shoot until midnight last Friday, then another one from Saturday morning until the evening. Didn't count on the place being too dark that we had to use car lights to illuminate the place. Unfortunately, when one does that, I expect the car's battery to die, and it actually did just as we were about to leave. The said vehicle was automatic though, so starting the engine and pushing it wouldn't help.

Still, said photo shoot was interesting, as we had to utilize human smoke machines (i.e. two people smoking cigarettes and puffing out smoke) to give the shot a ghastly feel as fog machines usually produce too much smoke that it clouds the photograph.

Oh, and several water-runs (and when I talk about water run, I literally mean running) to Robinsons Cainta (that's probably the smallest mall I've ever been to) didn't help my stye (because of the traffic and pollution). In other news, I've been chased by three dogs, jaywalked, and rammed a vehicle during the process of buying water for the band and crew.

I Want My Milk Shake

When I saw McDonalds selling milk shake once again (the last time they were selling milk shake was in the 80's), I rejoiced and crossed my fingers it would be as tasty as the milk shake in my childhood. Albeit coming in a different packaging, it was as sweet as I remember it. Unfortunately, McDonald milk shakes aren't a staple in every branch, and it seems that the branches that do serve it (namely St. Francis Square and Greenhills) don't.

Bookstore Interior Design

Managed to pay a visit to Fully Booked in Rockwell after not being to the place for xx months, and the first thing I noticed that the bizzarre shelving sequence is gone. It seems they've now opted for a typical shelving scheme (i.e. think National Bookstore) which is actually less confusing for people, although it's not necessarily the best method to browse for books. I mean looking at the graphic novel section, all I see are the spines instead of the covers. Fully Booked used to be the bookstore equivalent of Shangri-La Mall (read: more aesthetic than utilitarian). Now I guess it has succumbed to the dictates of market forces.


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