Sunday, January 15, 2006

[Blog Entry] Hallucinations


I never thought I’d get to experience hallucinations but I was never known for my infallibility.

Caught a fever last night and here I am at home, skipping work to recover. 12 hours of sleep didn’t net me some rest, and all it gave me were these restless and strange dreams that rival the nightmares during my call center stint.

During this entire time, I felt my body rebelling at the foreign bodies that had entered my body. Now what most people probably don’t realize is that sweating when you have a fever is somewhat of a good sign: it’s your body’s last-ditch effort to repel whatever made you sick through perspiration. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury as my body temperature always seems to operate on –10 degrees, that is, whatever the temperature is, subtract ten from that. So despite me being locked up in my room with all the windows closed and neither the fan or the air conditioning on, I still wasn’t sweating. I was actually cold the entire time despite me clinging to my blanket. (It is for the same reason that despite twenty minutes of heavy jogging in the morning sun, I still don’t sweat.)

A last ditch effort of my body was through vomiting, which unfortunately left me severely weakened. So here I am, struggling against dizziness and a lack of strength, albeit feeling significantly better.


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