Monday, November 07, 2005

[Blog Entry] What I Miss from LJ

What I Miss from LJ

Did you know LJ now keeps track of people's birthdays? I guess that means no more excuses for forgetting to greet people who "friended" you on their livejournals.

Of course one neat feature I like about LJ is how everything is centralized, and you can view the blogs of everyone you know in just one page (well, unless there's really lots of posts...). No need to click to each and every individual just to find out if there are updates.

Of course while blogspot is public, livejournal has a feature to make some entries private, that is posts that only certain people can view. I never thought I'd use it, but time has proven me wrong. When you're dealing with people, I guess one should be prepared for the unexpected. Because we're far from logical or rational. At least not most of the time.


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