Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Transcript Updates

For someone who claims not to be THAT much of a fan of Neil Gaiman, I’m putting myself at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (a Gaiman fan in denial?). On a more serious note, I’ll just be updating the transcript entry for the revisions. Thanks to everyone who submitted corrections and is aiding me in making it as accurate as possible (which is the good thing about online communities and wiki’s). For those viewing my livejournal, I won’t be updating the transcript anymore (since livejournal apparently has a word-limit, and it’s simply too much of a hassle on my part to update both sections) and you’ll just have to visit my blogs ( and for the more accurate transcript.

For good news, I just got a hold of a partial copy of the NU 107 interview. I’m done transcribing 10 minutes of it (out of 30 minutes, more if somebody can get me the whole thing), but I’ll have to ask permission first if I can post it online. In the event that I am allowed to do so though, don’t hold your breath. The first few days of the week, I have no life, I mean I had lots of free time, which is why I was able to come out with the Writer’s Forum transcript. If ever, visit the blog again by the end of the week.

And of course, thanks again to the people who contributed to the transcript, and thanks to the people who said thanks. (Don’t you know, all of this is just a ploy to garner blog traffic?) As for linking questions, feel free.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out today’s issue of the Manila Bulletin as it has a big feature on Gaiman.


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