Wednesday, July 06, 2005

[Blog Entry] Gone for a Day

Gone for a Day

I was offline for one day, due to the fact that I was busy at work and some of my friends had a spontaneous plan to watch a movie.

Going online again, it seems I missed a lot of things, ranging from personal crisis of friends, to acquaintance Sacha having a birthday/despidida this weekend, to friend Erin winning a 15-minute interview with Neil Gaiman. Whoa!

Not that yesterday didn’t have surprises of its own. For one thing, Vin was offering me free premier tickets to Fantastic Four last Monday. I declined because… it was Fantastic Four and I wanted the spare time to write (hence lots of blog entries last Monday). Ironically, that was the film my friends were inviting me to watch. I hesitated, declined, then changed my mind. Ugh.

The MRT trip to Makati also took a long time. Of course when I read today’s newspaper, I found out why. A security guard had died on the MRT tracks.

Of course before that, we had a short excursion to attend a book reading of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline at a café somewhere in Makati. Normally, I’d be discreet, but since I was with company (our appearance suddenly doubled the attendees), our group gained unwanted attention. Everyone’s eyes were on us, and I could feel some of them disliked us for disturbing the peace (we entered four chapters away from the end). Near the end, Ramon (with his afr-like hairdo) showed up and turns out to be the owner of the CD we were listening to.

According to Ramon, Fully Booked will officially be relocating on July 11 from the ground floor to the third floor in Rockwell.


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