Sunday, March 20, 2005


The day began with more than P4,000 in my wallet, and it ended with barely P500. Went on a book splurge yesterday, traveling from Booktopia in Libis to Fully Booked in Rockwell (braving the Ortigas traffic thanks to a sale in Robinsons Galleria). One of the things notable in Booktopia was the Illustrated Works of Lewiss Caroll, and it came in a leather cover with gold pages (much like how some Bibles). I'm impressed at Fully Booked for branching out and acquiring butt-loads of comics and RPG books (and they're getting the right ones).

On a side note, Powerbooks got a revamp a month ago and the shelves were towering over me. It also seems that their new Powercard has additional benefits, such as earning you P15.00 (which can be spent on books) for every P1,000.00 worth of purchases you make, in addition to the 10% discount. It's honestly not a lot, but hey, every peso helps. It also gives you additional motivation to accompany your friends to the bookstore and have them use your card to rack up points.


Many Filipinos were anticipating the Morales vs Pacquiao fight. It even had a good prelude as the match preceding it went to the underdog, a boxer who won the match despite his bleeding nose.

I'm not really a boxing fan aside from watching some episodes of the anime Hajime no Ippo. In a strange way, this boxing match was memorable because of the drama it had. Honestly, I didn't find Manny having lots of skill and technique when it came to the match; rather, he made up for it in terms of speed, power, fortitude, and passion (and no one denies that between the two, Pacquiao was the superior one, at least when it came to the first three traits). And while those are usually enough to win a fight, that wasn't the case as he faced off against Erik.

Another surprising thing was when Morales showed a "hidden" technique at round ten of the match. He surprised everyone when he went into a southpaw stance (a stance that favors the left hand rather than the right), and would later resume that stance to win the game in the final round. I mean no one was expecting it, and perhaps it was due to that surprise attack that Erik won. Pacquiao, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the more resilient fighters I've seen, continuing to fight despite all the bruises and the bleeding. If it had been a street-fight, Manny would have won through sheer tenacity. But Erik played it smart and utilized years of experience.


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