Monday, March 21, 2005


Joel just called me today asking if I had a copy of Anime@Arki's (for those of you Filipino veteran anime fans) history. Suffice to say, human memory is faulty, which is why I'm glad somebody documented things (not only for our purposes but for other people, who needs to do research for example).

Anyway, I had this short lived project three years back and I guess those interested in contributing, feel free to contact me at my gmail or yahoo email address (the name is charlesatan). It's basically a public area where you can document your anime-related organization/company's history or anything you might think is relevant (i.e. jpop history, jrock history, yaoi history, etc.). Don't send me sensitive information, but do make it a bit comprehensive so that it's actually a resource (and don't forget to indicate who I should credit it to).


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