Sunday, June 02, 2002

It's finally June... guess have to update the page soon.

Anyway, spent the day recuperating from yesterday's convention. So how'd it go?

Well, I was at Cyclone Arts and Technologies Asia Campus at 11:30 am. It's actually my third visit to an animation school/studio, the first two being Imaginasia and Artfarm. After signing my name with the guard, saw the computer room where they were showing the second episode of Rurouni Kenshin OAV 2. After that, they showed the demo for their computer program and even an amateur-made Star Wars scene.

I thought the cosplayers would come in early but they didn't. The earliest was Tanix who came at around quarter to one with her friend. Later came Hazel and Krizelda and I helped (watched) them put on their make up. Krizelda was dressed up as Kamatari from Rurouni Kenshin while Hazel was Michael from Angel Sanctuary. Later on, Ellaine finally came but I didn't have my costume yet since Vincent and JM hadn't arrived.

After hours of waiting, Vincent arrived to give me my costume only to leave since he had a migraine. I was still missing a cape which I was going to borrow from JM but I made do with the materials. In the meantime, I saw some familiar faces like Sheila playing Vash the Stampede and Robert and co. in Cyclones.

The actual event started at around 4:30 pm and Ais came in time to complete Ellaine's group. As the first batch of cosplayings were making the catwalk, JM arrived just in time to don his Nicholas Wolfwood costume, complete with matching (and working) crucifix gun.

As we waited for our turn, the people took pics all over the place. Lea and Pau appeared with Lea dressed up as Obi-Wan and Pau as Jango Fett. Only Pau though was registered and Lea was there just to sideline. Also heard from her that she wasn't mad at me anymore, just didn't have the time to reply to my text. Gem was missing since she wasn't allowed to attend the con.

The first batch of cosplayers were asked to repeat their catwalk since they didn't have a lot of time on stage so the rest of us continued to talk and wait. Later, it was finally our turn. I was dressed up as Mosquiton and Ellaine even had a doll of him. Ellaine was Inaho, her friend was Yuki, and Ais was Hono. It was difficult for me since hair from the wig kept on brushing my mouth.

After us, the Trigun cast made a catwalk which was quite impressive. Then, the Angel Sanctuary group and a break followed after that. People had their Spaghetti dinner and then the cosplay resumed at 7 pm. The last batch of cosplayers made their rounds and there was an intermission entitled "Sakurella". You can guess what's the main plot by the title.

The winners were announced at 8:30 pm and instead of ten finalists, there were eleven since one left and the ones having the next highest score were tied. In no particular order, here were the finalists: Krizelle in her Battle Angel Alita costume, Choi in his Hitmonlee getup, Robert, Tobie and Ria in their Robotech Cyclones, a girl in a Cobra Commander uniform, JM as Wolfwood, Sheila as Vash, Pau in her Mandolarean armor as Jango Fett, Hazel as Michael and another girl in another Angel Sanctuary costume (forget her name).

Third place went to "Cheche" who played the other Angel Sanctuary character. Second place went to Krizelle. The first place winner who also won P2,000 was Hazel. That ended the cosplay and We Are Anime started to show Gatekeepers 21. During this time, most of the cosplayers were changing clothes. And then, it began to rain...

Later, the cosplayers went to Burger King, which was a street away. Forgot to mention that Vincent had arrived in the evening to watch the latter part of the cosplay and he was with us at Burger King. The people talked and I was planning to hitch a ride with Hazel since they'd be passing by EDSA. I got home by 12:30 am and naturally, checked my email. I was too lazy though to write.


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