Thursday, May 30, 2002

Nice evening, or should I say morning. It's been a few hours since rain fell and there's as cool breeze in the air. I should know since I sleep in a room where neither the fans nor the aircon are turned on.

Anyway, since I don't think my brother will be using the phone anytime soon, I'm free to narrate the cosplay-related problems that happened to me today.

For one thing, I was supposed to look for purple long sleeves. Do you know how hard it is to find one? I even called my friends to ask if they had one. Lea commented that "I wouldn't be caught dead in one". Jobert told me last night he had one but couldn't find it today and when I inquired about it in the car, he told me it was more bluish than purple. Cyril suggested using dye but it's too late for that. I assume it'll take a few days to get it right and dry. In the end, Vincent told me he had one although it wasn't tight-fit. Oh well, maybe I should make magic with rubber bands.

Second, I still don't have a wig. Aqua hair is the ideal look for my character but Ellaine couldn't find one last Wednesday despite her trip to Divisoria. I guess we'll just have to settle for hair spray. Just hope I get it off before my parents find out.

My cape was supposed to be done by Vincent but he called me today to say that he couldn't do it (or if he could, it wouldn't look good) as he needed two yards of the cloth instead of the two 1 yard black and red I gave him. Fortunately, Lea told me the other day that JM's Endymion character in last year's cosplay had a black and red cape. Tried to contact JM via cellphone but he didn't have one (mental note: erase JM's cellphone number). Tried calling up his landline at around 8 pm but it remained busy until 11. I'm glad JM answered it but at the same time ashamed that I had to disturb him. After all, I don't know him well and I'm borrowing something.

Another predicament that arose is my ride getting to the WAA con. I was supposed to tag along with Lea since I don't exactly know how to get there but Lea told me today that she might arrive late since she's doing some last minute sewing. Things are obviously far from perfect.

On a side note, my crush might be a little mad at me. Nothing serious, I hope. =)


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