Thursday, June 06, 2002

Enrollment was hell!

Woke up at quarter to five so that I could arrive early at school. I did since I was at the "line" before six. Pops was already there and Niko arrived at around the time I did. Nobody else was lining up at the Fine Arts department. And then it hit me. I didn't have to come early since the morning part of the day was devoted to majors and electives. My only competition in choosing my majors would be my batchmates and the Creative Writing students from other year levels. Perhaps IS students as well but that's pushing it.

Kim dropped by since she was early as well. I then told her about my realization. She then copied where the waiting areas were for the lottery. After which, I left her as I went to the Fine Arts department since the gate barring us was already open. The time was 6:15 am.

I realized that my fiction class was in Filipino. I badly wanted to change it but that would mean getting a new advisement. I didn't really want to bother with that long process so I just stuck waiting for the department to open. By 6:30 am, Xander arrived and he was surprised to see us already there so early in the morning. He opened the office, turned on the aircon, and let us in. To make a long story short, we were done with out sign-ups by 7 am when the official start was at 8 am. I did manage to change my class from fiction to nonfiction.

Went around campus to look for Steph since I was lugging around the Dune books she wanted to buy from me. Couldn't find her though but I did see her blockmates, her English blockmates, and her batchmate. Everyone else except her.

By 9 am, I decided to line up for our lottery despite the fact that it would start at 1 pm. It was a long wait.

The first class I was supposed to sign up for was Theology. Unfortunately, my batch had the unfortunate circumstance to sign up last. Still, we made up for it since in the second class we were supposed to sign up, our batch went first.

The third class we were supposed to sign up for as Philosophy. The line was long and we ended up standing for an hour. People were complaining about the heat but as some might know, that doesn't exactly affect me. Still, my legs began to cramp and I needed a place to sit. I arrived at the waiting area at 2 pm but I only got to pick my class at 3:15. After that, the checkers and assessment was quick. However, the cashier closes at 4 pm. I arrived there in the nick of time.

"The cashier will end at that blue guy over there." I looked behind me and didn't see a guy in blue. Neither was one in front. I looked at my shirt. It was dark blue. "Oh, that's me!"

Hitched a ride with my friend Timothy since he was in front of me. I was supposed to drop by CCHQ but quite frankly, my legs were too tired to walk there and commute home. Oh yeah, I'll be returning there tomorrow to get my ID validated. If I'm not too lazy.


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