Sunday, October 16, 2005

[Blog Entry] Lonely Saturday Evening

Lonely Saturday Evening

I was supposed to go out with friends last Saturday evening, but one didn’t reply to the text message I sent, while the other backed out at the last minute. Stranded in E.Rod., I had to take a cab to go to Greenhills, and grab a breather before I went home.

Of course while I was lurking around the restaurants of Promenade, I ran into a blockmate of mine, and of course, the question I get is who am I with. If you’ve read my blog entries from a few years back, that’s a question I’d often get, whether I’m in malls or at conventions (be it anime, SF&F, or comics). No matter who asks the question, the answer’s always the same.

Not that I begrudge my solitary existence. Sometimes, you need time with yourself. You don’t need to be with someone to take a stroll in the mall, or to watch a movie, or to have lunch.

But of course, if you’re expecting company, company should show up. It’s one of the modern conveniences of having a cellphone. Unless, of course, the other party doesn’t answer their phone, have no credits, or turned it off.


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